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The sewn-in heating element in the heat sock 4.0 toe cap® provides warmth and keeps your feet warm. The toes are warmed from both above and below.
The socks are knitted left/right and promise a perfect fit due to the ring bandage. Padded reinforcements protect toes and heel.
Natural merino wool combined with technical fibres absorbs moisture and keeps you warm.
The comfort cuff with press studs fixes the lithium pack. It can be operated either by pressing a button on the lithium pack or with the free Smartphone App.

  • Toes are warmed by the Toe Cap® heating element both from above and below
  • sewn-in heating element provides warmth and keeps your feet warm
  • Socks are knitted left/right
  • Ring bandage and padded reinforcements
  • natural merino wool in combination with technical fibres
  • machine washable at 30°C
  • Comfortable cuffs with press studs fix the lithium pack
  • constantly warm for up to 14 hours
  • Operation manually on the battery or with the free Smartphone App
  • lightweight lithium packs are compatible with the whole Lenz heat range
  • Global USB charger with charge indicator

    • 2 lithium pack rcB 1200 (rechargeable)
    • 1 global USB charger 100 - 240 VAC (EU/US)
    • 1 USB charging cable with charge indicator
    • 1 pair of Lenz heat sock 4.0 toe cap
    • 1 laundry bag

      • 54 % polyester
      • 29 % polyamide
      • 7 % merino wool
      • 5 % spandex
      • 5 % polypropylene
Размер одежды 35/38, 39/41, 42/44, 45/47

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