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The heating soles heat in the area of the toes and are ideal for all existing insoles. The installation of the heating elements is very easy due to the self-adhesive covers.
The CAMBRELLE® AUTOADHESIVE surface guarantees a permanently pleasant foot climate and can be cut to size flexibly. The heat sole 2.0 fits all Lenz lithium packs insole.

  • Heat zone in the toe area
  • ideal for all existing insoles
  • simple installation
  • self-adhesive coating to cover the heating element
  • can be cut to size flexibly
  • CAMBRELLE® AUTOADHESIVE surface for permanently pleasant foot climate
  • compatible with all Lenz lithium packs insole

    • 1 pair heat pads 2.0 with connection cable
    • 1 pair of self-adhesive covers (can be cut to size from shoe size 36 to 48)
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